LG Washers and Dryers to Choose From

Life can always become easy with electronic gadgets. LG has come up with a range of innovative Washers and Dryers which are set to make your life easy and simple. Below are listed some of the LG Washers and Dryers from which you can choose the one matching to your imminent need.

LG Signature Washer/Dryer Combo (LUWM101 HWA)
This is a combo of LG Washers and Dryers that you can get for your home. The dimensions of this washer and dryer combo are 23.625” in width, 33.5” in height and 26.5” in depth.

User Interface
This washer and dryer have a circular LCD display in its main washer which lets the users’ control two washers at one go. A track of usage pattern can also be kept to monitor the frequency of used cycles.

Auto Dosing System
LG Washers and Dryers like the Signature series are equipped with auto dosing function which detects the soil level in the laundry and dispenses the detergent dosage which is required for effective cleaning of the clothes.

This washer and dryer is a front loader product which comes in the white color finish and has a capacity of 2.8 cu.ft.

This washer and dryer come with a front control design look with easy to operate touch buttons.

Wash Programs
Expect 17 unique wash programs in the signature series of Lg Washers and Dryers. The water level also adjusts automatically to the size of the load in this washer and dryer. The washer is also equipped with Turbo Wash technology which leaves your soiled laundry spotlessly clean.

Dryer Program
The dryer is also equipped with inverter heat pump drying and has a range of dryer programs which can be used as per the fabric of the cloth.

Smart Technology
Energy monitoring and Wi-Fi compatibility make this washer and dryer truly compatible to the emerging technology and make it digital to the core.

You can buy the innovative range of Lg Washers and Dryers online in the US at numerous authorized online retailer sites including AjMadison, Digi Plus and Karl’s. This Washer and Dryer is available for a retail price of about $3299.

Front Load Washer Dryer Combo- WM 3997HWA
If you have a slightly low budget for the Lg Washers and Dryers combo to be purchased, the front load washer dryer combo which retails for a price of about $1665 could be your ideal pick.

This washer and dryer combo are capable of handling 4.3 cu.ft of clothes which means that all your laundry needs can be met in one go.

Ventless Drying
LG Washers and Dryers are known to provide ventless drying and you need not undertake external venting when the front load washer dryer combo is used.

Fast Forwarding the Drying
The LG enhanced turbo wash technology in this washer and dryer ensures that your clothes dry up to 30 minutes faster and thus save your precious time which would have otherwise gone in the drying of the clothes.

Deep Clean Technology
This washer and dryer are equipped with deep clean technology which ensures that the steam technology penetrates the fabric to eliminate any kind of dirt, odor, and wrinkles which otherwise could have spoilt the essence of your clothes.

Smart Wash
This washer and dryer have a smart wash technology which ensures that you get up to 6 different wash motions which provide you with a smarter cleaning experience, thus maximizing the washing performance.

Warranty and Certifications
If you purchase this series of Lg Washer and Dryers in the country, you are likely to receive a 10 year warranty on inverter direct drive motor along with certification on the safety of the product from Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America which certifies this range of washer and dryer to be safe enough to be used for any kind of washing and drying operations.

Choose from the above listed LG Washer and Dryers and make your life easier to manage.

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