How to choose a crib for a baby

Choosing the different items to bring up your baby in the best possible way is one of the most important things that every new parent must do. A crib, stroller, carrier, bath tub and other such items are some of the things that we invest in, when a baby is about to arrive. In most countries like the US, it is imperative to install a baby seat in the car and even have it checked before you take the baby home from the hospital. The crib and the stroller are also equally important, and they must be chosen and installed with great care for comfort and safety of the parents as well as the child.

The crib is one of the most important things for the baby. This is the piece of furniture where the baby will spend maximum time, especially in the first three months of his or her life. Therefore, one must choose the same with care. Come and find out what all you must look at when you are choosing a crib.

Safety: The wood must be soft and the textures must be smooth even as all sharp edges are rounded off and completely eliminated. This is one of the most important aspects while choosing a crib, because eventually, the baby will start to finger the rails and learn how to cruise around this space and even haul himself or herself up using the bars. Remember, this is not an expense, but an investment.
Stability: This is another crucial detail that one must check and double check before buying a crib. Most cribs in the US and other such countries come with wheels attached to the legs. Therefore, you would do well to actually place a few items in the crib and check for any creaking sounds as well as the stability of the plank, which is to hold the mattress. Further, it is also important to check if there are any breaks that you can apply for these wheels so that the crib does not move and cause an injury once the baby starts to get up and lean against the bars of the same.
Mattress: Another important fixture within the crib is the mattress. Now this is important because it will support the delicate spine and rest of the infant’s body while the child sleeps, sits, rolls over and bounces about. So, choose something like foam which will be soft yet sturdy enough to take the shape of the baby’s form and give much support. The growing child will need the best materials. Use mattress pads on the sides of the crib so that the child does not get hurt by the rails while rolling over and sitting up against the same. Also, the bedding should be soft and ideally made up of cotton and other such breathable textures. This will keep the child comfortable and also produces less risk of choking.

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