4 features AARP car insurance advantage plus package

AARP car insurance is ideal for most car users as it has different plans that can provide benefits in multiple ways. The advantage plus package is one of the highest-rated of the different plans offered by the AARP. The basic AARP car insurance has a variety of benefits itself, but with the advantage plus package, you just add a new range of benefits to the existing ones. The basic AARP car insurance gives you a new car replacement coverage, lifetime car repair assistance, 24/7 hotline, RecoverCare, 12-month fixed rate and lifetime renewability. Following are some benefits of the advantage plus package.

First accident forgiveness
The AARP car insurance understands that everyone is entitled to make a mistake, once in a while, and they are willing to forgive that mistake. If you are entitled to the first accident forgiveness, then you will not be affected by the first accident. You will not see any changes in the premium of your car insurance. To qualify for this benefit, the car driver must have a clean driving record for five consecutive years.

Disappearing deductible for auto insurance
A clean driving record can impress your car insurance company significantly, and you will be awarded for it. The disappearing deductible benefit of the advantage plus package brings your collision deductible down a certain amount every year. If you have a clean record for a long time it can also come down to as much as $0.

One deductible
With the “one deductible” feature of the advantage plus package, you will be paying only for one deductible if two of your vehicles, covered under the AARP car insurance, are damaged in the accident. You will pay the deductible among that is higher. This benefit is also applied to the combination of a car and home insurance. If you witness damages to your home and car, you will only have to pay one deductible; again, whichever is higher.

Waiver of deductible
This is one of the most engaging features of the advantage plus package. In some accidents, it is not your fault. If you are involved in an accident, and you are not at fault, your deductible will be waived off. However, this is only after an inspection by the AARP car insurance company, and it is not available in all states.

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